Reliance Horizontal Lifelie

About Reliance Industries

About Reliance Industries Reliance Industries began operations in the year 2000 by patenting a revolutionary new technology for the design of horizontal lifeline systems that allowed the reduction of fall height requirements without increased end-loadings. These TunedCable™ horizontal lifelines are one of those "it can't be done" innovations that suddenly seem simple once you understand how they work. The lifelines were followed by unique anchorages, the concrete embed systems with remote connection, beam clamps and trolleys, and other engineered products.

Reliance has now turned attention to harnesses and lanyards, with the patent pending "TattleTale™" webbing, the "FatPack™" two-in-one shock absorbing lanyard, and especially the "Steelhead&trade" tieback hook that makes it possible for workers to safely tie back into their own lanyards. And with these additions Reliance has assembled a complete range of cutting-edge fall protection products that represent the very Highest Standards in Personal Fall Protection Equipment.

Reliance Industries Quality Policy Statement

About Reliance Industries The Reliance Industries, LLC Laboratory is “Dedicated To Raising the Standards of Personal Fall Protection Equipment” by providing Ready Accessibility, both Regionally and Nationally, for Impartial 3rd Party Testing & Performance Verification Related to the ANSI Z359 Consensus Code of Standards.

Quality Objectives include:
Reliance Management is committed to the importance of meeting customer requirements, as well as, statutory and regulatory requirements, by following supporting procedures including technical procedures of the ANSI Z359 Code of Fall Protection and the Quality Management System of ISO 17025.

Our Management is committed to:

  • Assuring the quality of the test results
  • Providing access to clients witnessing testing, where required
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of records of testing and client information
  • Exceeding the quality expectation & quality requirements of our internal and external clients through training of all personnel; observation of lab personnel proficiency; and auditing of laboratory processes & records
  • Resolving corrective & preventable actions on a continuing review process
  • Formally reviewing all measured matrixes and trending data quarterly
  • Reporting nonconformance to procedures &/or processes immediately

A copy of this statement can be downloaded by clicking HERE.