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Introducing the Micro-Loc™ Hot Work
January 22, 2021
Houston, TX

Reliance Fall Protection is proud to introduce the Micro-Loc™ Hot Work. This new Personal SRL is the latest addition to the Micro-Loc™ family.

Designed for those construction environments, which are becoming more and more prevalent, where hot work (grinding, cutting, welding) is being performed.  In these environments it is not enough to protect the worker who is performing the hot work, it is necessary to protect everyone who could potentially come into the area.

Now there is a strong, light and durable Hot Work Personal SRL that is affordable enough to outfit everyone.

Features include:

-6,000 lb. Kevlar® webbing

-High capacity energy absorber with Nomex® sheath

-Two cam activated FailSafe® locking pawls with ten locking opportunities per revolution.

-Fully enclosed alloy steel frame

-Three connector options: Lightweight Pelican Snap Hook, Lightweight Forged Steel Rebar Hook and High Strength Aluminum Carabiner.

-Single models as light as 1.75 lbs.

-Meets ANSI Z359.14 and OSHA Subparts I & M


You can get more information from our Product Data Sheet, take a look at our introduction video

or get more information about each model:


4255106-1 – Single, Pelican Snap Hook

4265106-1 – Twin, Pelican Snap Hook

4256106-1 – Single, Lightweight Rebar Hook

4266106-1 – Twin, Lightweight Rebar Hook

4258106-1 – Single, High Strength Aluminum Carabiner

4268106-1 – Twin, High Strength Aluminum Carabiner


The Micro-Loc™ Hot Work is protection when you need it most.


Kevlar® and Nomex® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.