Reliance Horizontal Lifelie

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Remote Connect Pole
Remote Connect Pole

Product Number: 3022-1

Size: 7'-13' (4m)


Fiberglass pole, expands up to 13' (4m) in length to allow overhead anchorage installation. Used with 3021 remote snaphook connector, 3040 Lockjaw™ Remote Beam Grip, 3022-17 socket tool, and Concrete Embed Anchor/Receiver series.

3026-1 : Extends to 5.25' (1.6m)

For use with:
Remote Connector Socket - 3022-17
Remote Snaphook Connector Tool - 3021-1
Concrete Embed Connector Tool - 2262-1

*NOTE : 3022-1 shown here with #2262 point attachment installed. #2262 is sold separately.

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