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Reliance Fall Protection

Roto-Loc™ Overhead Introduced

  • Wed 16th December 2020
  • Houston, TX

Reliance Fall Protection has released their new overhead mount SRL the Roto-Loc™ Overhead.  The Roto-Loc™ Overhead Self Retracting Lanyard is specifically designed for use in overhead mounting applications that require the durability of wire rope but in a smaller package and lower price, than the typical cable unit. The Roto-Loc™ Overhead is ideal for use in long term applications such as order pickers and forklifts or in general industry overhead maintenance. It features an all alloy steel frame and cam activated Failsafe™ locking mechanism, giving you confidence in short extensions without nuisance lock-ups.  It is perfect for powered lifting equipment such as order pickers.  Available in 9' and 12' variants.

Roto-Loc™ Overhead Features:

• Internal rotary braking mechanism.
    - Fast acting, smooth braking that keep forces low without excessive extension.

• High strength alloy steel frame and locking mechanism.     
    - Surpasses OSHA and ANSI requirements for strength.

• Fast acting, cam driven Failsafe™ locking mechanism.
    - Ensures fast, consistent locking, arresting the fall within inches without the nuisance lock-ups of centrifugal locking mechanisms.

• Rugged ABS housing with a Santoprene overmold.
    - Designed to endure the rigors of daily use in tough environments.
    - Recessed labels, to last the life of the product. 

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