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Anchorage Connectors

BigBlue™ Mobile Anchorage System Series

Product #: 1801000-1

The BigBlue™ Mobile Anchorage System is designed to create a portable, overhead anchorage for use adjacent to fall hazards where overhead structures may not be available to create an effective fall arrest anchorage connection. When used with a properly rated Class A Self-Retracting Lanyard, Arrest distances are less than 24”, making this a perfect solution for low-clearance applications.

This device ships unassembled (ballasting material not included) and can be erected by two persons in under 45 minutes. The BigBlue™ Mobile Anchorage System can be ballasted with either construction sand or concrete. This is perfect solution for use in marshalling and accessing free-standing structures and heavy equipment such as electrical transformers and heavy vehicles.

Anchorage Connectors
Type Moveable
Install Type Temporary
Number of Users 1

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