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Horizontal Systems

Universal Structural Steel Systems

Product #: 6350

These systems are designed for use on structural steel such as building steel, bridges and pipe racks. The system can be installed as a permanent system using weld-on receivers and a permanent HLL lifeline or as a portable system using beam clamps and portable HLL stanchions, end anchors, and bypasses. Available in 5' ,6' , and 7' Stanchion heights. Beam clamps are available for beam flanges from 4.5" to 14" wide and to 1.5" thick. A larger clamp is also available for beams with flanges from 6" to 28" wide to 2" thick. Both clamps are rated for 14,500 lb. max load at the anchor lug. Tiebacks are required on stanchion systems and use the same beam clamps as the stanchions. Tieback cables are made of 1/2" wire rope and are adjustable up to 21' in length.

Horizontal Systems
Type Polyurethane Coated
Series Skylone
Component Stanchion Receiver

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